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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Art Recipe Wednesday: Rusted Beauty

Hi again friends, it's great you are visiting us again!
When you are reading this post I'm probably somewhere on the way home from Prima headquarters where I had great chance to present my new Mixed-Media products to the group of lovely ladies during Prima Education Days for retailers.
I can't express how exciting it is to see people playing with the supplies I was thinking of for such a long time and seeing your another dream coming true thanks to the great team effort and hard work of so many people.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart - and thank you all my friends, students, supporters and followers for all the energy and love me and my CT are getting from you everyday!

Last week was very special for Creative Team - 4 of our CT members were featured on Prima Blog with their projects inspired by Art Basics Line and providing ideas and techniques to all of us. Girls prepared a lovely variety of projects and I'm sure you will find something inspiring there - be sure to check it out!

I decided to focus on one of the most underestimated and mysterious mediums from all Art Basics Line - and one of my favorite ones in the same time... Ladies and Gentlemen please give the warm welcome to one and only Clear Gesso!

It's just amazing how helpful Art Basics Gesso - Clear is for mixed-media projects. Like any other gesso, it is a primer, which provides a matte surface which is so easy to work on. But, there is great difference too - this one dries transparent! You can apply it on any surface and have a possibility to work on the background with its colors and patterns visible. It's a perfect solution for projects where you want to work with inks, paints, or pencils on slippery surfaces such as glossy pictures, photos, or even metal or plastic...

Let me show it to you in pictures!

Here is the project I've prepared for Prima Blogpost: altered cabinet card and vintage metal camera plate or tintype element colored and embellished in my signature style: including stamping, a touch of watercoloring and of course spraying.

You surely know how much I love all the flea market findings and collecting all the items that have history and this special magic in them... then I saw a bunch of these metal photo types I just had to buy them and try to use them - and this project seem to be a perfect choice! As an inspiration I took one of my "adopted family members" - beautiful young woman from Prague... I keep wondering who she was?

I was sure my Vintage Vanity Stamps with old adverts will be matching this photo perfectly - as well as a bunch of fabric, lace and Prima Mechanicals combined with Junkyard Findings. Of course I couldn't resist and i opened one of my rubbish boxes with buttons and pins too!

Final color of this project comes from Prima Color Bloom Sprays, touch of watercolor pencils and a bit of wonderful, shiny Inka Gold - and thanks to Clear Gesso it was really easy to apply all of my colored mediums! Now, let's look more into details:

Are you ready? Here is new Art Recipe with step-by-step tutorial for you!

1. I started the project working on the old cabinet card I had in my collection. Because the surface was glossy I covered it with a coat of Art Basics Clear Gesso - and when it was dry it turned into beautifully matte, easy to work on surface (how cool is that?). Next I stamped it a bit with Archival Ink (Jet Black) and Vintage Vanity Stamps to create more artistic vintage look.

2. Clear Gesso makes it possible to work on your project with any kind of colored products - paints, inks, pastes. I decided to use watercolor pencils and I blended my colors blended with waterbrush to get nice and smooth, watercolor effect.

3. My next step was embellishing: I guess you can't go wrong with fabric and lace when creating something in vintage style, right? Of course as usual I wanted to add a bit of "heavier" look to my little collage so I used a selection of my Mechanicals and Ingvild's Junkyard Findings which I glued down to the plate and photo with 3D Matte Gel - medium which is not only great to create texture but also great dimensional glue. For Gluing in the Art Ingredients - Glass Beads I used my Soft Matte Gel.
When it was ready I dried it for a moment with heating tool to make sure they will stay in place and I covered all my slippery embellishments such as metals or plastics with a coat of Clear Gesso to  help my paints to stay on them. When the Clear Gesso was dry I spayed them with Color Bloom Sprays and dried them again.

Here is an extra tip:
Thanks to Clear Gesso you can turn your glossy, slippery surfaces such as photos or metal embellishments into matte - ready to apply colors! Here are the examples of the effects you can get using acrylic paint, Color Bloom Spray, and Colored Pencil working on metal covered with Clear Gesso and without it. So easy - and so cool!

4. My final touches to the projects were made with a set of watercolor pencils on the metal embellishments (yes!) - of course blended a bit with water - and Inka Gold, which is metallic rub in Gold color. I was so happy to see I was able to use  the same set of watercolors as on my photo on my metal embellishments too! Great solution!

 For extra protection of the project you can always spray it with a bit of fixative. I just love how this project turned out - I hope you like it too! Any comments? I'd love to hear back from you!

Here is the list of products from Mixed Media Place shop - for your reference:

I will be back during the weekend with my next blog post - and please make sure you will check us out on Friday for the next great post from my Creative Team!
I wish you all wonderful, creative time!
Huge hugs

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Black Beauties in Blue and Red

Hello, dear Friends!
Today I'd like to share with you two of my journal covers created for Black Beauty class.

This green-blue palette is one of my beloved go-to color combos!
And when you add a little bit of black here and there, it resuls in a truly dramatic effect that I love so much...

And another one - this time in reddish tones - can you feel the drama here? ;)

Making these covers is really simple - the key to the succes is 3D Gloss Gel applied through a stencil, some Black Gesso and my faithful friends: Primary Elements Pigments and Irridescent Silks.

You should really try experimenting with all these textures, layers and feel the beauty of black. ;)

And if you need a live tutorial, I can tell you that (among other exciting projects) we'll be having fun with journal covers during my upcoming classes.

There only a couple of last spots left for my classes in Stockholm so don't hestitate and join us there!
Have a beautiful creative weekend, folks!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Art Recipe Wednesday: "Practice" - New Family Journal

Hi again, looks like it is my turn to take over this blog!
It's high time for the next Art Recipe Wednesday - and this time I have to admit the decision of what to make for you was pretty easy - I needed new Art Journal so badly!

After the last post and "Autumn Disintegration" project my old "Family Odyssey" Journal reached the point of breaking, so it was a moment to send him on his well earned retirement on the shelf. It was the right moment to choose my next victim - and luckily I had a suitable, nice book which I could turn into my next project - all I needed now was a proper, nicely altered cover...

I wanted my new book to be similar in style to the original one - so I decided to use similar techniques to decorate it although the final color palette and look had to be different - my new journal had nice, green cover and it would be a shame not to use it!

I strongly believe there is a kind of magic in old photos, books, letters - and in household objects too. It's probably changing into small obsession - it is not only my love for collection them but also changing them into something new, inspiring, interesting. Collages, journal pages, altered objects - they are all my way of showing my love to these forgotten, unwanted, underestimated objects which surround us and were important part of lives of people in the past.

The cover itself didn't need much to shine: I used a combination of Art Basics 3D Matte Gel, Mechanicals - metal embellishments I designed for Prima, a bit of color: Pigments and Inka Gold and some Art Ingredients Glass Beads to add extra texture (it is possible I'm starting to be addicted to these!).

Is there a better base for the Art Journal inspired by family photos than an old, beautiful book? The title "Workshop Practice" seems to be just perfect too ;)
I can't really wait to start to work in it - everything is set and longing for the paint, gesso, inks and a bit more of love...

Anyway - here is Art Recipe and step-by-step for this Art Journal Cover:

1. I've started preparing my background - the book cover - applying a coat of Art Basics Clear Gesso. It is a great way of creating matte, transparent base which will help your colored mediums to stay on your project with your original colors and patterns visible... so many possibilities! I dried it for a moment with heating tool and it was ready for the next step: semi-transparent texture. I used my Bubble stencil and 3D Matte Gel from Art Basics applied with a palette knife. You can also use 3D Gloss Gel with great effects - but different finishing of course!

2.  When the texture was dry enough to work on the next steps safely I started gluing the embellishments on: I decided to use one of Mechanicals Pendants I made not so long ago as a main element of the composition (you can learn how to create similar project here). I added big flourish cut in smaller pieces, a trinket, crystals and pieces from old clocks and watches - all that was mounted using 3D Matte Gel. When the big elements were in their places I finished the composition with Art Ingrediens Glass Beads (Zinc) and Soft Matte Gel in a bottle as my glue.

3. I let the elements dry and when they were ready I applied Art Basics Clear Gesso again this time only on my embellishments - to help the sprays stay better on metal elements. I used Primary Elements Pigmets with water for spraying: Black Emerald, Mystique and Pretty Peridot.

4. Finally, when the sprays were dry I rubbed Inka Gold in 4 colors (Gold, Hematite, Green Yellow and Orange) on my embellishments and background to add extra metallic shine and finishing. In the last step I added a bit of Silks Acrylic Glaze - Spicy Tomato  to boost the orange color in the composition. I sprayed the covers with fixative for extra protection. Voila!

Here is the list of the products from Mixed Media Place Shop:

I removed half of the pages out of my book to provide space for my upcoming projects...
I love the final look and I really can't wait to play!

And before I finish - one more important announcement! 
We've got our Blog Giveaway Winner - huge congrats to Steffi! 

Please contact us with your shipping address at: 
We will be happy to send the prize to you!

I wish you all a great creative week - and see you very soon!