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Upcoming Classes:

27-28 February 2016 - Classes in Coventry, UK - bookings here!
5-6 March 2016 - Classes in Belgium - bookings here!
12-13 March 2016 - Classes in Budapest, Hungary - bookings Saturday and Sunday
2-3 April 2016 - Classes at Cart'n Scrap Art, Belgium - bookings here!
9-10 April 2016 - Imagine That, Columbus, Nebraska, USA - bookings here
12-17 April 2016 - Art is You - Santa Rosa, CA - USA - bookings here!
19-20 April 2016 - Art Venture, Seaside, Coronado Island, San Diego, CA - USA - bookings here!
14-15 May 2016 - Classes at Skaparlusten, Sjöbo, Sweden - bookings here
25-26 June 2016 - Crop des Anges - classes in France - bookings here!

Save the date - more details to follow:
23-24 April 2016 - Cafe Crop - Merillville, Indiana, USA
28-29 May 2016 - Classes at Collège Cardinal Mercier, Waterloo, Belgium
4-5 June 2016 - Classes at Art from the Heart,  UK
18-19 June 2016 - Classes in Ireland

July 2016 - Classes in Canada and USA

10-11 September 2016 - Classes at The Mad Scrapper, Scotland - UK
24-25 September 2016 - Classes in Tours, France
15-16 October 2016 - Classes in Middlesbrough, UK
29 October- 6 November 2016 - Classes in Jeffer's Bay, South Africa
11-13 November 2016 - Classes in Bikuben, Oslo, Norway

Available classes' descriptions

Collage on canvas classes:

Time Capsule - mixed-media collage on canvas. Great project to try dimensional embellishing and get familiar with pastes, gesso and shimmering effects created with Mica

Would you like to create dimensional, eclectic collage project and learn great altering techniques and ideas? Delicate, muted tones and vintage elements are calling your name? “Time Capsule” class will be perfect for you!
 During this 4h long class I will share a whole range of intriguing and versatile mixed-media techniques such as dimensional embellishing, creating textures using pastes and fabric, adding metallic, delicate colours to your composition . We will be using art mediums together with Prima Art Ingrediens such as Mica Powders, Mica Flakes or Glass Glitter to create unique, customized look. This is not only the chance to try a bit different way of composing and organizing your project but also finding a way of using the supplies we all have somewhere in our studios, kitchens, garages, gardens... Presented techniques will easily be transferred to home decor and altered art projects – the imagination is the limit!
 I will help you create your own collage breaking the whole process into small, easy to follow steps, explain the tools, paints and mediums - mostly selection of my own products from Art Basics Line (Light Paste, Clear Gesso, Soft Gel ) and I 'll do my best to help you get the best possible results.
All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time: about 4 h.

Beauty and the Beads - dimensional, dark mixed-media collage with amazing sparkle and shine. 

What is the best about black colour? It helps other colours shine beautifully – especially if they contain some shimmer or glitter in them! With a little help of Black Gesso, Gels and Micro Beads you are able to create the most amazing, textured, iridescent collage – and this all in simple, easy to follow steps!
“Beauty and the Beads” is my idea how to use combination of art mediums, shimmering sprays, stencils, gels and – finally – beads and glitter in a creative way: first making a rich, deep textured background, then working on a dimensional, intriguing composition and finally adding breathtaking layers of delicate texture... all that based on my new line of Art Basics and Art Ingredients line of Prima products.
 During this 4h long class you will not only create an amazing project you can hang on your wall but also learn a lot of inspiring techniques, discover possibilities of getting custom look and combining the products to get the best results. I'll share my experience and will give you helpful tips about composition, color choices and adding finishing touches. Are you ready to add some sparkle to your life?
All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students. Class may be taught as a collage composition with photo or altered object.
Class time: about 4 h.

The ARTifact - dark mixed-media collage full of texture and wonderful light. Great way of making friends with texture pastes and mica effects. 

 It is all about light and texture... My inspiration for this project were old stone walls, rusted, corroded metal and that feeling of revealing a mystery which was hidden somewhere in the darkness for long centuries.
 “ The ARTifact” has it all – and during this mixed-media class I'll take you on a creative journey during which we will discover together, layer after layer, the amazing possibilities of using Art Extravagance Texture Pastes and Art Basics mediums. I'll share my ideas for building the dimension and creating a weathered, distressed look with a touch of dark, a bit industrial feeling. I'll guide you through the process of making 3D composition and painting it in the most interesting way focusing on creating a dramatic effect of light and shadow using such products as Black Gesso, Modeling Pastes, Soft Gels and Art Ingredients Mica Powders.
During this class you will not only create an amazing project you can display on your wall but also learn a lot of inspiring techniques, discover possibilities of getting custom look and combining the products to get the best results. All these techniques can be easily used on many other projects such as home decor and altered objects or journal pages.
“The ARTifact” is an invitation to the world of mixed-media – will you enter?
All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time: about 4,5 h.

Overemotional - Mixed-media Collage on double canvas. Great chance to get friendly with gels, gesso, sprays, pencils and a touch of stamping. 

For me collage is one of the most natural ways of communicating my moods, thoughts and emotions – maybe that's why I keep using my own face for most of my projects. I love the process of creating the “costume” and “scenery” for the actors in my small collage theater – and I want you to try it too! “Overemotional” is a canvas project wit more air and negative space yet rich in details and layers. You will be able to try combining such material as fabric, lace, flowers with metal and plastic objects and grungy findings of all kinds to create textured, rich composition as well as trying techniques based on heavy gel, gesso, sprays and stamping – all this to create one, unique project. I'll help you to create balanced composition and getting the best effects sharing my experience and creating new full project with you step-by-step. You will be able to choose colors reflecting your taste and personality and experiment with stamping, coloring and using pencils and watercolor pencils for the finishing touches. “Overemotional are 4h of pure creative fun with your fingers dirty in gesso, inks and paints – you can't miss it!
All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time: about 4-5 h.

DaydreamerMixed-media Collage Class on canvas. Selection of intriguing techniques based on  found objects or embellishments, texture, gels, black gesso, pigments and acrylic paints.

„Daydreamer” is mixedmedia collage portrait on canvas created in my signature style: rich composition with deep, contrasting colours, light and shadow and finally  focusing on a touch of beautiful, metallic glazes. This class will take you for a journey through the range of intriguing and  versatile mixed-media techniques  such as heavy embellishing, using gel mediums, spraying and shimmering acrylic paints giving you a possibility of playing and experimenting in the inspiring creative process. This is not only the chance to try a bit different way of composing and organizing your project but also finding a way of using the supplies we all have somewhere close in our reach: in our studios, kitchens, garages, gardens... with the presented techniques all these options are possible...and there is a high chance you will never throw away a piece of plastic, metal or fabric away!
During this 4h long class I will share my experience in creating rich, multi-layered projects and help you create your own collage breaking the whole process into small, easy to follow steps. I'll explain the tools, paints and mediums we will be using and give tips how to get the best possible results.  We'll make our fingers dirty and get some creative wind in our hair together – there are no limits in creativity!
All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time: about 4 h.

- Mixedmedia Canvas Class (with fabric, gel mediums, gesso, glitter sprays ...and more!)
Do you ant to create really artsy, dimensional and grungy collage, but you don’t have “suitable supplies?” That is not a problem! The most important thing in creative proces is using imagination. We are surrounded by inspiring objects, which we can use for creating art of different kinds. Try to look around – and you’ll find real treasures in your own house! Remember there are no boundaries: you may give as much or as little elements as you want, you may use medias, paint and inks…and whatever comes to your mind too! Don’t be afraid to mix and blend and let your imagination free – it is pure fun!
During this workshop I will guide you to create your own mixed-media canvas, including my favorite set of embellishments and textures, colored with my favorite paints and mixed-media products. I’ll demonstrate possibilities of mixing different supplies such as gesso, gel medium, spray paint, scrapbooking embellishments and found objects to get layers, details and unique, grungy look on your project.
This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students (really!) – let’s get our fingers dirty together!
Class time: about 4 h.

Mixed-media style scrapbook pages:

Scraps of Memories - mixed-media scrapbook page focused on delicate colours, customizing the background and embellishments and creating with scraps. 

 Dimensional, detailed composition, a bit of texture in the background and delicate, velvet looking colours may be a perfect recipe to create beautiful mixed-media style scrapbook page.
“Scraps of Memories” class is focused on embracing these little bits and pieces left on our working tables: leftover flowers, scraps of paper and lace, some trinkets, some buttons... all these put together are great start for eclectic looking, intriguing project which will be possible to customize right from the bottom to the very top!
 During this class I will create with you step-by-step interesting, lighter in style page which will include such useful and inspiring techniques as using pastes and stencils, background stamping, building 3D composition and customizing the look of your embellishments using art mediums and colour.
 “Scraps of Memories” is a great chance to get familiar with Art Basics and Art Ingredients Line of products including Modeling Paste, Clear Gesso, Soft Gel, Mica Powders or Glass Beads and have some serious creative fun stepping out of your comfort zone and making your fingers dirty!
All the backgrounds, embellishments, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Usual class time: about 3,5-4 h.

Rich and Textured - mixed-media scrapbook page including selection of art mediums, rich embellishing and creating distressed, grungy look. 

 Do you want to add dimensional, mixed-media twist to your scrapbook page?
“Rich and Textured” class is based on mixedmedia and scrapbooking techniques such as multi-layering, stamping, using a art mediums such as Art Basics 3D Gel or Clear Gesso and loads of elements to create one-of-a kind, personalized project. During this class I will share my experience in building complex composition, background and adding final touches to the page and will try to convince you that creating a grungy, eclectic layout is possible with all kinds of supplies – it's great moment to look again at your embellishments and maybe give also simple everyday objects a chance to shine!
"Rich and Textured” is a perfect combination of fun, experiment and playing with composition, colour and texture. All the backgrounds, embellishments, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Usual class time: about 4 h.

- Mixed-media Paper Layout class focused on creative using of color mediums, stamps and adhesives to build rich, multi-layered, detailed compositions.

What can be better than a combination of inking, spraying, colour-dripping and layering? All these techniques give you the option of creating your own scrapbook page design starting from the bottom and finishing on the top!
This bunch of fun ideas based on pigments and spraying, gesso, pencil drawing and stamping will make your scrapbook page rich, artsy, colorful and unique and together we will go through all the steps starting from the customized background, through crazy paper-scraps and fabric layering and finishing on personal touches on your embellishments: all this in easy to follow small steps.
I'll share my experience and help you create balanced mixed-media scrapbooking page with a lot of negative space, color, texture and creative freedom. You will have a chance to get familiar with some of my favorite art and scrapbooking supplies and make your fingers inky! Join the fun :)
Class time: about 3,5h

Art-Journal classes:

Have you ever thought about having your own, intimate space which will be just for you – without pressure, without fear and competition? Maybe yo feel you want to have more fun, to try new things and play with techniques... or you need a place for your personal notes, sketches, memos? Or maybe you are an idea collector? All this and more you can put in your Art Journal! How cool is this?
Journals are best friends of creative people: they love experiments and new techniques, they are good listeners and always have time for you. You can take them wherever you go. Journals are never in bad mood – and they never say that your project is not good enough or not creative. Working in journal is fun, easy... and liberating. There are no strict rules, no boundaries, just freedom. All the meanings and the ideas are taken straight from the heart: you can realize all the crazy plans simply because it is YOUR Journal and you create just for yourself.

Frozen in time – cover
Mixed-media style decorated journal cover with shabby-vintage feeling including techniques based on sprays, gesso, metallic finishing and delicate texture.

 Would you like to have your own journal or book which will show your love for all things vintage? Are you planning a personal heritage project and looking for some ideas? „Frozen in Time” class is perfect for you!
 Starting with a plain chipboard cover we will use a range of techniques to get unique, multi-layered and romantic look which may be also easily adapted for other mixed-media projects such as home-decor, canvases or even smaller forms such as journal pages.
 Working step-by-step with me you will see how you can use such supplies as Resist Canvas, fabric, lace, trims, metal embellishments and all the found vintage treasures you may have in your private collection. I will share my ideas for decorating, customizing and finishing the project to suit your needs and personal taste and explain how to use a wide range of art mediums including my own products: Art Basics Soft Gel, Modeling Paste or 3D Gel and White Gesso. You'll also learn how you can finish the project creating beautiful, metallic and dimensional touches using Prima Art Ingredients and a touch of imagination!
After the class you will have your own art journal or album cover in style which is an appealing mix of shabby and grunge and a big dose of inspiration: I'll do my best to share my experience, give tips and to convince you to be more bold and artistic – creativity is for everybody and mixed-media is the essence of creative freedom!

 This 4h class may be accompanied with another full 4h class focusing on collage and journaling techniques. All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time - about 4,5h

Black Beauty Journal – cover
Mixed-media style decorated journal cover including techniques based on inks, black gesso, spraying and iridescent effects to get beautiful, dramatic dark look

What is great about journals is they are absolutely personal projects, reflecting our taste, personality, showing the evidences of our ups and downs. They are great place for crazy experiments or personal notes, they can be our best friends and patient listeners. But what about journal covers? I believe they shouldn't be left behind! How about decorating them with mixed-media techniques which not only will turn your book into little personal artwork but will also be durable enough to protect your beautiful pages and survive traveling, sending – or just hard creative time in your studio? During this class I'll show you a couple of my ideas for altering the raw journal cover – based on using black gesso, inks, sprays and iridescent paints which will turn your cover into real Black Beauty! You will have a chance to use some of my favorite supplies and get more friendly with texture, rich embellishing and using a lot of black color – which for some of people is not easily accepted in projects. I will share my experience and break he whole process in small steps to make it fun and easy to follow and I can promise that we will have great time getting our fingers dirty! 
This 4h class may be accompanied with full 4h of journaling techniques focusing on texture, watercolor effects, painting and embellishing.All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time: 4h

Journal Pages - classes: 

Frozen in Time – pages
Pages full of texture, layers and color - perfect for collage, home decor and art journaling projects!

 Are you ready for some creative experiments and mixed-media fun?
Journaling is one of the most careless and safest ways of trying new techniques, colors, products – but also the perfect way to simply express yourself visually way.
During this class I'll share with you a bunch of my favorite techniques I use in collage and journaling project – especially these which are inspired by old, weathered look, vintage colors, look of old fabric and peeled paint.
 Together we will create 2 double pages focusing on textures and rich, decorated look. We will use stencils, texture pastes, modeling pastes and we will create our own custom mixes. You will have a chance to try Art Mediums from my all 3 lines - Art Basics, Art Ingredients and Art Extravagance – and I can promise the techniques you will learn will be easy to apply to any other mixed-media project! I'll share my experience in working with different kind of books and my ways of choosing the effects, colors and embellishments and encourage you to play and experiment with the supplies and techniques which in a first moment may be a bit intimidating. There are no mistakes here – just interesting accidents!
 All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Usual class time – 4h.

Texture and Colour – journal pages
Try something freestyle, bold and full of creative energy - techniques great for art journaling, scrapbooking and mini books!

 Journal is your creative playground and your personal diary in one, safe space to express your feelings, emotions, thoughts or just try new supplies and ideas. Sometimes the unexpected effects and “happy accidents” are the ticket for a new trip which will take you to the lands you've never been before!
 During this class I'd like to take you on this kind of journey: places where I was experimenting with simple textures, bold colours, contrast and a lot of free space. Starting with a white cardstock we will build 3 double pages focusing on self expression and techniques based on a variety of artistic mediums. With stencils, stamps, resist techniques, dimensional effects, sprays, acrylic paint, inks and watercolour pencils we will be able to create unique, personalized pages and discover the beauty of texture and colour.
In the classroom we will be working with a selection of products from my Prima Art Basics, Art Extravagance and Art Ingredients line such as White and Clear Gesso, Modeling Paste, Soft Gel and other interesting art supplies. All the backgrounds, embellishments, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Usual class time – 4h. 

Freestyle Journal
Freestyle journal class with stamping, layerening, spraying, staining, dropping.... and more!

During this full-lenght class I'll share with you some of my journal projects and a bunch of my favorite techniques like multilayered stamping, creating texture and dimension using lace, paper scraps and die-cuts, different kinds of tape, masks and such uncommon elements as old shop receipts. I'll try to convince you to use different medias like gesso, acrylic paint, Distress Stains or multipurpose glues and I'll show you the different possibilities of using sprays – not only for spraying but also traditional painting and creating shades and I 'll guide you to such crazy technique as finger painting and playing with splatters.
In this class we will create toghether, step-by-step,  3 double journal pages trying the new ideas and techniques and having a lot of creative, messy fun! You may be surprised what you can do with the supplies you probably already know...Let yourself play and think outside the box!
Class time: about 4h

Retired classes - no longer available for booking:


7-8 November 2015 - Artifield -  Melbourne, Australia - bookings here
11 November 2015 - Scrap 2 Relax - Drouin, Melbourne, Australia - bookings here
13-14 November 2015 - Seriously Scrapbooking, Adelaide, Australia link
17-19 November 2015 - Made with Memories - Perth, Australia - bookings here
21-22 November - Hobbysew Echuca - Echuca, Australia - bookings here
24th November 2015 - Bella Carta - Horsham, Australia - link
26th November 2015 - Bella Carta Sunbury - Melbourne, Australia - link
28-29 November 2015 - The Scrap Cottage - Brisbane, Australia - bookings here
1 December 2015 - The Paper Teapot - Christchurch, NZ - bookings here
3 December 2015 - Artfull Crafts - Timaru, NZ - bookings here
5 December 2015 - Jackie's for Scrapbooking - Inglewood, NZ - link

27-30 October 2015 - Classes in Jeffers Bay, South Africa - more details here!

17-18 October 2015 - Classes in Middlesbrough, UK - more details here

3-4 October 2015 - Classes in Reunion, France

26-27 September 2015 - Classes in Tours, France

19-20 September 2015 - Classes in DE Craftorij, Netherlands - details here

4-6 September 2015 - Classes in Bikuben, Oslo, Norway - details here

8-9 July 2015 - Scrap Addicts - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

11-12 July 2015 - Cafe Crop - Merillville, Indiana, USA
15-16 July 2015 - Scrappy Chic - Livonia, Michigan, USA
18-16 July 2015 - Donna Downey Studios, Huntersville - North Carolina, USA
22-23 July 2015 - Love is in the Details - Manitoba, Canada
25-26 July 2015 - Scrapbooking Forever - Westlake Village, California, USA
1-2 August 2015 - Artsy Stamps and Papercrafts - Loveland, Colorado, USA
4-5 August 2015 - The Paper Butique - Springfield, Illinois, USA
7-8 August 2015 - Whim So Doodle - St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
11-12 August 2015 - Palette and Paper - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

20-21st June 2015 - Classes in Newbridge, Co.Kildare, Ireland - bookings here!

13-14th June 2015 - Classes in Allesund, Norway - bookings here!

6-7th June 2015 -  Crop des Anges - Classes in Lyon - France - bookings here!

30-31st May 2015 - Art from the Heart - UK bookings here

9-10 May 2015 - Classes in Barcelona, Spain - bookings here!

24-26th April 2015 - IndigoBlu Event - UK - bookings closed

10-12 April 2015 - Version Scrap - Paris - France - bookings here!

21-22nd March 2015 - Classes in Miramas, France  bookings here!

28 February-1 March 2015 - Classes in Middlesbrough, UK - bookings here 

6-7th January 2015 - Prima Art Venture California 2015 - USA - info here!

6-7 December 2014 - Timbroscrapmania, Rome - Italy - info and booking here

29-30 November 2014 - Artist Trading Post - UK - more details and bookings here

22-23 November 2014
 - Lyon, France - details here

7-9 November 2014 - Stockholm Scrapclass, Sweden - more details and bookings here!

24-26 October 2014 - Classes in Maribor and Celje - Slovenia - bookings here

4-5 October 2014 
- Classes in Middlesbrough, UK - details here

26-28 September 2014
 - Scr@p! Event - UK

13-14 September 2014 - Classes in Middlesbrough, UK - details here

6-7 September 2014 - 
Trondersaksa Event, Trondheim, Norway - more details here!

8-10 August 2014 
- Event in Turku, Finland

July 2014 - Classes in USA and Canada - more details here
2-3rd July 2014 - The Inked Stamper, St Albert, Alberta - Canada
 5-6th July 2014 - Clipper Street, Langley, British Columbia - Canada
 8-10th July 2014 - Scrapbook Centrale Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec - Canada
12-13th July - Scrapbook Tendance Quebec City, Quebec - Canada
16-17th July - Queen’s Ink Savage, Maryland - USA
19-20th July - Donna Downey Studios Huntersville, North Carolina - USA
26-27th July - Pages in Time Lincoln, Nebraska - USA

13-15 June 2014 - Classes in Allesund, Norway - more info here!

31 May - 1st June 2014 - Art from the Heart, UK - more info here

24-25 May 2014 - Classes at De Scrapheap - Netherlands - more info here!

26th April 2014 - Classes in Dublin, Ireland - more info here!

5-6 April 2014 - Classes in Bikuben, Oslo - Norway more info here!

29-30 March 2014 - Classes in Provence, France more info here!

22-23 March 2014 - Classes in Normandy, France - more info here!

15-16 March 2014 - Scrap and Pearl Event in Stockholm, Sweden more info here!

8-9 February 2014 - Scrapbook Werkstatt, Germany - more info here

18-19 January 2014 - Absolutley Everything, Topsfield, Massachusetts - USA - more info here

8-9 January 2014 - ArtVenture in Anaheim, California - USA - more info and bookings here

7-8 December 2013 - Classes in Rome, Italy - more info here

30 November/1 December 2013 - Classes at Artist Trading Post, Derbyshire, UK - more info here!

23-24 November 2013 - Classes in Scraphouse, Barcelona, Spain more info here!

25-27 October 2013 - Scraptastic Event in Belgium - more info here!

18-20 October 2013 - Stockholm Scrapclass, in Stockholm, Sweden - more info and bookings here!

5-6 October 2013 - Classes at Damselfly Crafts, Glasgow, UK - bookings here!

28-29 September 2013 - Classes in Tours, France - more info and bookings here!

22 September 2013 - Classes in Cork, Ireland - Cardz'n'Scrapz - info here!

31August-1st September 2013 - Snazzy's - Classes in Wiltshire, UK - website

15-18 August 2013 - ProzART - creative escape in Poland - more info here!

July-August  2013 - Tour in USA and Canada - more info here!

25-26 May 2013 - Classes in Brasil - Yummy's Scrap Weekendmore info here!

8-9 June 2013 - classes in Massy near Paris - more info here!

11-12 May 2013 - Classes in The Netherlands (6 mixed-media classes) - more info here!

27 February - 30 March 2013 - Australia and NZ CreArte Tour: Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland (NZ), Wellington (Kapiti NZ), Christchurch (NZ) - more info here!

22-23 February 2013- Stockholm, Sweden: "Imagine" and "Inky Memories" class - more info here

9-10 February 2013 - Paris, France

18-20 January 2013 - Prima Art*Venture Scrapbooking Event - JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa, Palm Desert, California, USA -  more info here! 

8-9 December - Rome, Italy - Timbroscrapmania event - more info here!

24 November - 1st December 2012 - Singapore: "Mixed Media Inspiration" - more info here!
and Prima Tour in Asia: Jakarta, Surabaya, Brunei

10th November - Warsaw, Poland  - "Lost in the Paperworld" - more info here!

3-4 November - Oslo, Norway -  more info here!

13-14 October - Vienna, Austria - more info here!

5-7 October - Scraptastic 2012 - Belgium - more info here

22-23 September 2012 - Barcelona - Spain - more info here!

1-2 September - Newbridge, Ireland - more info here!

26 August 2012 - Cork - Ireland - more info here

9-10 August - Tel Aviv, Israel more info here

13-30 July - USA and Canada with CHA in Chicago- more info here 

30 June - Warszawa, Poland - 5 Ogólnopolski Zlot Scrapbookingu - more info here

8-10 June - Puerto Rico - more info here

4-5 May 2012 - Darwin, Australia "Territory Dreaming"

23-25 March 2012 - Scraperrally Event in Sola, Norway:

3-4 December 2011 - Timbroscrapmania – Rome, Italy

12-13 November 2011 - Grorudtreffet - Oslo 

5-6 November 2011 - Scrapmania - Brussels 

8 października 2011 - Craftshow - Kraków:
1 October 2011 - Scrapbooking Convention - Denmark