Sunday, 22 April 2012

5-7 October 2012 - Scraptastic invitation!!!

Hi there my friends!

Some of you probably know the BIG, BIG news - this year I was invited to teach my classes in the most amazing event in Belgium - Scraptastic 2012! You can imagine my excitement and happiness - I'll be teachnig together with such named and talented teachers as Teresa Collins, Sharon Laakkonen, Birgit Koopsen, Tanya Watts, Ingvild Bolme,Iris Babao Uy, Donna Downey, Loredana Bucaria and Corinne Delis :)What a great adventure! I'm jumping with joy and of course I want to invite you to book some of my classes during this event!
Here are my proposals:

Scraptascic 2012 offers some great packages for the students, including hotel, food classes and admission to the trade center - please look through them carefully!
I hope to see you on my classes - this is going to be a wonderful event!

Sending hugs


Martu said...

See you there!! I can't wait!! :D

Scrapbookdoll said...

I'm coming :-)
Marie-Anne Raeman

jolande9909 said...

Looking forward to get a workshop from you!!!

MARCH said...

je vais faire tout mon possible pour venir ^^
corinne de france

The Boss said...

Hello... Do you know what.... I will be there.... I will be very happy to see you again... Nicolle

miniMlescrap said...

i lift your style on my blog, do you like ?!? i know, i don't have your talent ;) because....