Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Well, That's Bizzare... - doll mini assemblage

Hi again, greetings from the Emerald Isle :)
I can't believe it, but it looks like than I'll be moving into my studio any time now... most of the things is in the process of moving now, making me busy, overwhelmed and excited in the same time... I can't believe,but it is really happening! I promise to share some photos as soon as I'll be able to put all my stuff in. It will be far from perfection, but it will be a huge step for me, woo hoo :) Please keep your fingers crossed for this last stage of my BIG MOVE :) I will really need tons of energy and patience now!

In the meantime I've got a new project for you! (But if you are one of the sensitive people who can't stand dolls, dolls heads and general feeling of delicate weirdness... I wouldn't scroll down...)

Believe it or not - but this eerie beauty came to life absolutely unexpectedly during  Prima Art Venture Seaside in Coronado this April, when I had the pleasure to observe the class taught by one and only John Creignton Petersen - and I couldn't resist, I had to play too!

John is a great teacher who will take you through the project like a breeze - it was fun, it was messy but somehow something went a bit wrong on my side... maybe it is just me, the worst student ever, not listening to the teacher at all? Let's compare John's result and Finn's result. Any suggestions what happened ;))) ?

John's project - pure dark elegance and sophisticated charm.

Finn's result - pure dark freakishness, bizarre mix of innocence, creepiness and weirdness in one. 

I guess this is the best example of  my usual creative process. I start with something harmless and generally - with no high expectation for something unusual to happen. I take my time playing with elements, creating the backgrounds and textures and then BOOM ! My eyes spot something absolutely without sanity and here the creative challenge will begin!

I think you know what I mean, right? 

The doll I've used for this little shrine wasn't a beauty and I really feel she looks much better, more mysterious and intriguing after my makeover. Don't get me wrong - of course I know for some people dolls - especially, old or incomplete ones - are hard to stand. Myself - I enjoy magical, a bit eerie atmosphere, so this kind of simple assemblage is something which makes my little heart flutter!

I had the best time playing with my Art Basic Heavy Black Gesso to transform paper flowers, the shrine and décors (All from Relics & Artifacts by Sandra Evertson) into amazing, inspiring elements which turned into a piece of art within minutes. As I rely on my Art Basics Heavy Body Gel for gluing large elements I had no problem with putting doll's head or resin pieces in place - after a moment of drying I was ready to apply paints!

Art Alchemy Metallique and Opal Magic paints work miracles on any base but Black Gesso is in my opinion the best start if you'd like to get the depth and richness of colours. The opalescence and metallic finish look simply amazing brushed on this surface - it is just amazing how easy you are able to get this beautiful, permanent effect!
As you can see I've also used Prima Sticky Rub-Ons and some Gold Foil to add the detail to my doll - another fast and effective technique I can recommend for anyone :) I had to add some finishing touches  - so her eyes and eyelashes are painted too - with the same combination of paints I used for her face and hair.

Here are the links to some useful products - coming from Mixed Media Place Store:

I hope you enjoyed this transformation - I'll be back with you on Saturday, when together with Prima Team we will be celebrating International scrapbook Day - which we decided to change into International Day of Creativity! Expect us...

Sending warmest hugs to you all - see you soon!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Dare To Experiment!

Hello Lovely Readers!
We're beginning the beautiful month of May with Marta Lapkowska's new amazing artwork.
Marta used my Sculpture Medium for the first time and the result is just incredible! We hope it will encourage you to experiment with it and have as much fun as Marta did. :)

Hello everyone,
Today's make was one of those when I was not too sure of the final effect.
For the very first time I used Art Extravagance Clear Sculpture Medium.
I decided to experiment and check out how this product works. I need to admit one thing... everything turned out better than I imagined.

I used very delicate cheesecloth to create my texture. I put my material into a plastic container and covered it all with the Sculpture Medium.
When the whole thing was completely soaked, I put it on top of my reveresed canvas. I started to arrange the material into the shape I had in mind.

My next step was to leave it to dry till the next day.
Some hours later, the whole piece dried and all the delicate material became very hard. My next step was to color it. I decided to use sprays from Lindy's Stamp Gang.
When everything was dry, I added some highlights with White Gesso.
To create some special texture and interest I added both sizes of Art Stones attached to the surface thanks to the 3D Matte Gel. Those are perfect tiny embellishments to every mixed media project.

Finally, I added some string, a metal frame and a paper butterfly - all of them also glued with the Matte Gel.

I need to say I enjoyed this process a lot. The Sculpture Medium became my new favourite medium to use. I will definitely come back to this product and check out what else could be done with it.
I hope this project will encourage you to get your hands on this medium.

I wish you a very creative time, love Marta xx

Products used:

Friday, 29 April 2016

Welcome To The Circus!

How are you, Dear Friends?
Are you ready for another amazing project and tutorial from my Creative Team?
Today it's Irina's turn and she's handing us the most beautiful ticket to the ever inspiring world of Circus... :)

Circus? Yes, Circus! :)
I decided to devote my April project to the circus. It is such an unusual, magical place that makes me think of sparkles, vivid colors and mystery. It's a place where miracles happen. So here's my circus themed litlle installation:

If you're feeling tempted to create a minature world of circus in your own home, here's my step by step tutorial:

1. First, I prepared a circus tent pattern cut out of paper. I also cut out small strips that would later go on top of it.

2. I applied some Modeling Paste through a stencil. When the paste was dry, I painted some of the strips using Red Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint. Then, I added a bit of Gold paint accents.

3. The second part of my paper strips I painted with White Crackle Texture Paste. I think the effect is really beautiful!

4. I painted the folds of my tent with Gold paint.

5. Then I glued all the parts together to create my little tent.

Some strips were sewn on the sewing machine. I think this trick added some interesting volume and variety.

6. I glued the red and white strips on my base, added some stars and voilà: It's a circus! :)

7. I made the roof of the tent also alternating red and white stripes.

I decided not to glue the roof to the rest of my paper tent beacuse I had this idea that my little instalation could serve as a great hiding place for candy. ;)

I thought I'd add some sparkle and shine and some yummy textures using beautiful Finnabair Art Ingredients. Here you can see the different effects I got and below you will find the list of links to the products I used.

8. Besides the tent, my minature world installation includes trees that I made out of dry twigs and sisal. There are also paper clouds and real moss that makes the grass. And of course there's no circus without tiny flags!

I had so much fun creating this magical world that can fit on my desk. Doesn't it stir your imagination?
I hope you will feel inspired!

Materials used: